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UN team in Fukushima to monitor waste water******

A team from the UN nuclear agency arrived in Japan yesterday to assess preparations for the release into the ocean of treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant.。

The experts on the team from the International Atomic Energy Agency are to meet with Japanese officials and visit the Fukushima Daiichi plant to discuss technical details of the planned release, Japanese officials said.。

The government and the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, announced plans in April to start gradually releasing the treated radioactive water in the spring of 2023 to allow the removal of hundreds of storage tanks to make room for facilities needed for the destroyed plant's decommissioning. The plan has been fiercely opposed by fishermen, local residents.。

Japan has requested assistance from the IAEA to ensure the discharge meets international safety standards and to gain the understanding of the international community. A larger 11-member IAEA mission is expected next month.。

Japanese economy and industry minister Koichi Hagiuda pledged last week that Japan will explain the outcome of the IAEA reviews to the international community "in a courteous and transparent manner."

A separate IAEA taskforce on water testing earlier collected fish samples from the Fukushima coast as part of a routine review along with technical assistance for the plant's decommissioning. The team included an expert from South Korea.。

A massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 knocked out the Fukushima Daiichi plant's cooling systems, triggering the meltdown of three reactors. Since then, large amounts of water used to cool the still highly radioactive reactor cores has leaked extensively.。

受沙尘影响 陕北部分时段可能出现重度或以上污染******





  华商报记者 任婷



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China's government bonds join FTSE Russell's flagship index******

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- China's government bonds were officially included in the FTSE World Government Bond Index (WGBI) on Friday, according to the People's Bank of China.

The FTSE WGBI is the last of the three major global bond indexes to include the Chinese government bonds. Friday's inclusion followed the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index in April 2019 and the Government Bond Index Emerging Markets suite of JP Morgan in February 2020.

China is currently the world's second-largest bond market, with market size of above 120 trillion yuan (about 18.8 trillion U.S. dollars).

The latest data showed that global investors held 3.9 trillion yuan of Chinese bonds as of late September. Enditem

Beijing 2022 Olympic medals design unveiled with 100 days to go (updated)******

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Beijing 2022 unveiled the design of the medals for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Tuesday, exactly 100 days before the Games begins.

Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, joined Olympic champions Yang Yang and Zhang Yufei in unveiling the Olympic medals at a ceremony in Beijing.

Named "Tongxin", meaning "Together as one", the medals feature five concentric rings embodying the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony between heaven, earth and human beings. The rings also symbolize the Olympic rings, carved in the inner circle, and the Olympic spirit uniting the world through sport.

The surrounding grooved rings are engraved with the Games' official title, "XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022," along with cloud and snowflake patterns, with the outer ring free of decoration.

The reverse side has the Beijing 2022 emblem at its heart, with the official name of the Games carved in Chinese below. The surrounding rings mimic star trails, with 24 dots representing the 24th edition of the Olympic Winter Games. The general picture, which resembles a celestial map, carries the wish that athletes achieve excellence and shine like stars at the Games.

The 2022 Paralympic medals, which were unveiled by Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, Paralympic champions Hou Bin and Rong Jing, share similar concentric-ring designs as the Olympic medals, but with the Paralympic logo in the center and "Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games" engraved below. The words gold, silver or bronze are also inscribed in braille for the respective medals.

The emblem of the Paralympic Winter Games and 13 dots, referring to the 13th edition of the Paralympics, feature on the reverse side.

"The medals' design is an ode to the Olympic spirit that represents the top honor for athletes. Unveiling the design at the 100-day countdown, Beijing is voicing its readiness to welcome the world's best winter sports athletes to reach for the stars at the Olympic Winter Games," said Gao Tian, vice director of BOCOG's culture and ceremonies department.

The medal design was inspired from a piece of Chinese jadeware called "Bi", a double jade disc with a circular hole in the center. Just as jade is thought of as an auspicious and invaluable ornament in traditional Chinese culture, the medal is a testimony of honor and unceasing efforts by the athletes.

It is also a tribute to the medal design of the Beijing 2008 Summer Games, as explained by chief designer Hang Hai, who was also part of the team behind the unique 2008 Olympics medal design 13 years ago.

"The medal carries on the concept of jade from the 2008 Games, which underlines Beijing as the first city to host both summer and winter Olympics. At the same time, concentric circles have an air of togetherness, which signifies people around the world gathering to enjoy the happiness brought about by the Olympic Games with understanding between each other," said Hang.

"When athletes hold the medals in their hands, they will first touch the details of Chinese culture. Then if they look closely, they will see the cloud and snowflake patterns on the obverse side, and the celestial ones on the reverse side," Hang noted.

The medals will be attached to a silk ribbon, woven with snowflake patterns, and decorated with the Olympic rings and the name and the core graphics of the Games. Its red color is the most representative one for the Chinese New Year, as the Games will open on the fourth day of the traditional holiday.

The medal box features blue lacquer and uses bamboo as the main material. It captures a combination of Chinese style and sustainability as lacquerware were ritual objects during the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD) and bamboo, a highly sustainable plant, embodies nobility and integrity in Chinese culture.

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will take place from February 4 to 20, followed by the Paralympic Games. Enditem



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